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About Your Website

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Modern design. Call for action. Easy navigation through content. Fast loading. These key web design features will retain your clients on your site.

Clear code behind design, search engine optimization (SEO) and other integrated programming features will make sure that your site achieves your goals.

About me

Mijo Andjic web design

My name is Mijo, I got the same name like my grandfather.

In my neighborhood people often said that school will get you nowhere. I didn’t listen. I graduated Marketing from Belgrade University, and started my career in a PR agency where I helped clients from medical and finance industries, for a number of years. Through those years I developed a strong interest in web design and started learning about it. After a while, web design became my primary focus and an additional field of expertise.

We can discuss your marketing approach and develop your site in the way which is the best for efficiency of your business. If you are specialist for web this is my skills and if you are not it is ok that this abbriviations are unfamiliar to you:

HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Angular, Wordpress, Java Script

About work

These are some of my latest works for clients



This is site which represent TV show Agape and books on religious topics.

Wordpress, CSS3, Desing

Q Watch Maker

Site for watch maker with long tradition .

Wordpress, CSS3, Desing
web design


This is site which allows YOU to have a great site. :)

HTML5. CSS3. JQuery. Bootstrap
web design


Work in progress

HTML5. CSS3. Design. Bootstrap